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DBZ OC Bio - Kiro by ZaXo-KenIchi DBZ OC Bio - Kiro by ZaXo-KenIchi
Full Picture - [link]

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Kai1984 (Profile setup designer) - [link]

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Story -

Long ago, the Saiyan race was forced to search long and hard for a new planet to call home. Rumors circulate as to why, but no concrete evidence has ever been found outside of Otherworld where King Yemma and the Kai's live. And it's not like the Saiyans cared to keep records of anything like that. They had more important things to do.

Eventually, they came upon a planet by the name of Plant, which (as they saw it) was infested with a race known as the Tuffles. The two races lived on this planet peacefully for a short while, before all too quickly, the Saiyans became restless living with such scum, and eradicated the Tuffles in their entirety. The planet was then renamed Vegeta, after the family that lead the assault.

When the Arcosians and their growing band -the Planet Trade Organization- come across the Saiyans, they found it to be the perfect time to gain a new ally. After all, the Saiyan race seemed to be teeming with powerful warriors; the type that the PTO could use to their advantage as genocidal space pirates. They give the Saiyans modern armor and technology, in return for their help in vacating planets on the list.

Kiro is one such Saiyan who happens to be the leader of a special Saiyan run squad called the Z-Squad (hehe, a little nod to the original series). His squad isn't directly under the Arcosian chain of command, and therefore doesn't have to answer to them. Instead, they answer only to King Vegeta. The Z-Squad is one of the more efficient groups that vacate planets, and this is quickly noticed by one of the Arcosian Royal Family; the youngest son of King Cold, Tundres. Tundres eventually joins the Z-Squad, both because he grows to be great comrades with them, and because it could help him show that he is worth more than his siblings, Frieza and Cooler.

During one specific planetary raid, Kiro runs into trouble, taking a rather fierce attack head-on. Tundres and the others can't find his body, and have no choice but to assume he was defeated, leaving him behind.

When Kiro wakes up, he comes to find that he can't remember where he is or why he's there. Noticing this, the last few dregs of the planet they'd just raided, decide to try and 'corrupt' him, turning him against King Cold and his army of murderers. They begin to train Kiro as their own heroic warrior, using a special brew to help subdue his memories for as long as possible. They eventually teach Kiro the origin of the Spirit Bomb technique; Spirit Absorption.

Kiro slowly to remember a bit about what happened to him, and who he is. After a few weeks, his memories have all but returned, and Kiro escapes the planet, making his way back toward planet Vegeta. Remembering that Tundres is a close ally, he decides to stop by and show his friend that he is indeed still alive. While on Frieza's ship (where Tundres is at the time), he overhears two of Frieza's soldiers whispering about how they're planning to wipe out planet Vegeta, because the Saiyans are becoming too powerful. Kiro hurries to Tundres, and tells him everything, including this worrying piece of news, but Tundres instead feels betrayed, as if Kiro is simply trying to get him to turn against his own family. The two of them get into a fiercely one-sided battle, and Kiro barely escapes with his life.

Within just a few hours, Tundres learns that what Kiro had to say was indeed the truth. Tundres makes his way quickly to his father's ship, hoping to convince him to stop Frieza. As he arrives, he comes to find not only Cold, but Cooler, who are conversing about something that leaves Tundres utterly disgusted... the Royal Arcosian Family -his own family- is responsible for the destruction of the Arcosian race and their homeworld. Cold wasn't always king, and their family wasn't always in a position of power. Cold's ancestors tried to force their rule on the Arcosian people, and almost all of them died in the process. The few left joined Cold's family out of fear or respect, and they began the business of cleaning out and selling planets.

Tundres and Frieza were kept out of the loop, as is each of the few Arcosian children that is newly born. Before a certain age, they can't be trusted, and need to first be "molded" into worthy successors who enjoy such cold blooded power-hunger. Any Arcosian child who doesn't agree, is destroyed.

Tundres finds Kiro, and decides to once again join him, knowing Cold's reign needs to end. He wants revenge for his lost race. The two of them confront Cold not long before planet Vegeta is to be destroyed, but he's much stronger than either of them (at this point he's transformed into his fourth state, which is the one Tundres and Cooler spend their time in). He uses a rather cheap trick to convince Tundres to lower his guard, before killing him without a second thought.

Kiro has no choice but to use the Spirit Absorption technique. Unlike the Spirit Bomb, the energy collected powers up the user, rather than collecting into an energy ball. But it has severe consequences. Much like when using Kaioken, too much of this power can destroy a person from the inside out. In his rage, and with so much power, Kiro is able to transform into a Super Saiyan. But it still isn't enough, and it only lasts for about a minute, before it leaves Kiro weak and utterly defenseless. King Cold then proceeds to kill him.

Now in Otherworld, Kiro has been training since that day, with Tundres (their attempt to save the galaxy from Cold and his men allowed them to keep their bodies). They have both trained with King Kai, which is when King Kai learned Spirit Absorption, and turned it into a safer attack; the Spirit Bomb. Aside from training, they now spend their time keeping things safe in Otherworld for King Yemma. Kiro and Tundres have both mellowed out quite a bit since they've died.

Kiro has since been able to transform all the way to Super Saiyan 2, and his specialty technique is the ability to slow time around his body, and his Ki blasts, so that his enemies can't escape (he learned it from one of the dead Heroes who was able to keep his body and hang with the Grand Kai). Too bad he rarely has anybody other than Tundres to use it on :D
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Kai1984 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well I am quite impressed with this..

You've done your research from head to toe...:clap:
No surprise though xD

Really good use of the template I made...
You have A LOT of information's very well thought out and makes sense

I like the subtle drop shadow you added to the text in the photo :clap:

His overall pose is well thought out and proportioned well. I like the long pony-tail...very Ming Dynasty
Your use of the wrapping around the tail is well placed. It's either over done or just horrid but you got it spot on my friend.

The Ki blast you have ready works well with the picture.

All in all, it's a great concept!!
It shows you put lots of work into it, and you should be quite proud

Keep them coming :highfive:
ZaXo-KenIchi Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks so much. I'm glad someone had a positive response to it. All of the friends and family I've shown it to have had decidedly underwhelming responses, but they can't tell me what they don't like about it, lol.

I'm relieved that the Ki blast fits, as I know it's not exactly in the style the show uses. But I don't know how to do it that way, so I tried to make it blend in and match, rather than forcing in a lower quality version that's in the DBZ style.

Thanks for taking the time to tell me your thoughts :)
Kai1984 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's a shame, but glad to be of assistance.
I've learned over the years, you can't expect great feedback to those who neither care about what is drawn or those who just don't understand....

I used to do the ki blast that way for a it that "natural, charging feel"
Over time I used different layers with a gaussian blur out the butt...
It usually consists of at least 7-11 layers of colors

here is an example [link]

It's not the best, but I'm always trying to figure it's the best I can do so far..

And you are most welcomes sir....I would have responded sooner but I am taking a break from all things DA and I do apologize for the late response...

It really is kick-ass for lack of words. You really made him fit well with the background...
ZaXo-KenIchi Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Lol, that's why I usually don't show my artwork to my family and such. They don't 'get' manga, so they don't really know how to give anything outside of a generic response. But even my one friend who's a DBZ fanatic was just kinda like "Oh, that's pretty cool.". He's usually much more vocal about what he thinks. But whatever; I feel good about the work I did. It ended up better than I was expecting. Toriyama style shading scares me, lol.

I actually used a Screen layer and Gaussian Blur for the aura and the Ki blast; three for each in fact. But since it's in front of the hand, I didn't want the hand to be washed out behind it. So I decided the best option would be to limit the layers I stacked.

Your response time is fine. At least you did respond. Many people might not, lol. And it was a response well worth waiting for. I don't get to talk art technique that often.
dracolupine Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
he's only 185 pounds? duh fuuuuu. btw nice character. sorry for reaction but im 6'2" and i weigh in at 172. I do nothing for my muscles.
ZaXo-KenIchi Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Lol, character weight is something I'm horrible at. I didn't want to put a height or weight, but I needed to fill the space on the Bio, lol.
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