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Kai's Saiyan Forms... by Kai1984
by Kai1984

I hope you don't mind the idea of someone you've never met giving you a critique :) I just felt that, if you put in the work to do somet...


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ZaXo Ken'Ichi
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Hello. I draw manga. I'm constantly trying to get better. So if you see something in my newest art that I'm doing wrong often, tell me.

In case you're looking to ask me to do commission work for you, below are some guidelines for them. NOT OPEN FOR REQUESTS AT THE MOMENT! (I'm soon setting up all of the necessary stuff to do so correctly):

1. No hardcore gore. I'm fine with lots of blood (though not necessarily good at it), or missing limbs, as long as it isn't supposed to come off as disturbing.

2. No nudity or 'love making'. Kissing's fine, as are other innocent things, but I don't do anything that's actually sexual. I'm also not really into doing things like unrealistically giant breasts, or those creepy 'extremely obese blob' characters and such.

3. If there are speech bubbles, no excessive cussing. That's kind of self-explanatory.

4. In other words... lets try to keep things at a teenage or lesser level please (though if you have an idea you are unsure about, run it by me anyway).

Other things to keep in mind are that I'm still in the mid-to-late intermediate stages, so I might not be able to do exactly what you want, due to skill limitations. I'll warn you ahead of time if I might have a difficult time, and we can work harder to get something you're happy with. Animals are something that I haven't really practiced much, mechs are beyond me at the moment (though I am currently practicing that), and I'm still in the beginners stages of digital coloring. I'm not necessarily a 'beginner' at doing backgrounds, but I haven't really tried them for a few years, so keep that in mind as well. If you haven't already, I strongly suggest looking through my gallery to see if I'm capable of doing what you want. If not, then I can probably direct you to some (much more talented) people who might be be willing to draw what you want.

The last thing to keep in mind is that, I won't do any commission work with copy-written characters (that you or I don't own). If I know you well enough, or you ask nice enough, I might be willing to do a free request with copy-written characters. But I'd prefer to stay on the right side of the law :)

After consulting many different people, I came to the conclusion that I should be doing commission at an hourly rate (starting at $8/640dA points an hour to be exact, as that's about minimum wage). You tell me what you want, and I'll figure out approximately how long that will take me to do. In order to keep less-trustworthy people from stealing my work without paying, I will require that half of the money is paid up front. After we decide on a concept you like and get everything down, I'll do the finished product, and send it to you (at a size of your choosing) via e-mail. There is no charge for materials, as everything is done digitally :)

I also won't hike the price up if I have difficulty with the project, or if it takes me longer than expected. The price we agree on in the beginning will NOT go up! Though if I feel the total price of something will end up unfairly high for what type of picture you want, I'm willing to discount the price a bit to be fair to you, since you're my beloved customer :D If for whatever reason, I am unable to finish your request, I will return any and all money you have already given for the project.

I know, I make things hard, lol. But in order to keep things in the realm that I'm comfortable in, and make the best art I can for people, I need to impose some sort of limitations.

If you like my gallery, please donate to my donation pool so that I can get a nice Color Wheel for Photoshop Elements. It's very VERY much appreciated. And if you give enough, I'll even try to draw something just for you since you've shown you love me so much :D

Current Residence: Behind you...
Favourite genre of music: Power Metal
Favourite style of art: Manga
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Wallpaper of choice: Anything Azumanga
Favourite cartoon character: Spongebob?
Personal Quote: Don't be cruel, be cool.

Haven't journal-ed in a while.

Journal Entry: Tue May 27, 2014, 4:39 AM

Figured I should probably pop into my journal and say hey! I've been super busy lately, most of the things I've been doing not relating to art directly (at least not the type of art that I post here).  But the things that I have been doing that relate to dA are nearly done. I just posted a pic of a Jedi lady with one arm, so that's a thing. I'm halfway done with another piece that I'm honestly amazed doesn't look like complete crap. It's arguably my best piece up to this point, and I can't wait until you can all see it. And I still need to finish adding the last character to the lineart I've been working on slowly since like December. Then I can start coloring it :D

I will soon be able to share one of the things that I've been so busy with, so when it's finally done, I'll do another journal entry where I like ya'll to it. I think some of you will really enjoy it!

Oh, and f**k the Dark Aeons and Penance in Final Fantasy X HD! Once I beat them, I'm never doing it again. Not because they're challenging. It's because the grind you have to do in order to beat them is insane. I beat the story in X HD after about 35 hours... I'm now at around 85 hours, and I've still probably got another 20 hours worth of grinding left before I can beat said bosses. I've beat Dark Ifrit and Dark Valefore, but the others are too difficult at the moment.

I missed the Treasure Sphere for Besaid of all places, so I had to grind to get the Celestial Weapons, so that I could grind in Omega Ruins, so that I could grind one of each monster capture (and four of every Flying Eye type monster), so that I could grind One-Eye for a Triple AP weapon, so that I could grind Don Tonberry for Sphere Levels and Kottos for basic Spheres, so that I could 'max out' Yuna, so that I could grind One-Eye for more Triple AP weapons, so that I could grind Don Tonberry and Kottos AGAIN to max out two other characters, so that I could beat Dark Valefore (and get nine more of each monster capture), so that I could get the Treasure Sphere (and the ability to buy Clear Spheres), so that I could get Anima, so that I can grind tons of money (for Clear Spheres) and grind several different monster creations in the arena for every type of stat sphere (two spheres at a time) totaling out to about 721 spheres, so that I can clear the Sphere Grid and  properly start truly maxing out the stats my characters, which also requires grinding Kottos and Don Tonberry even MORE for more stat spheres and sphere levels, so that I can grind Dark Yojimbo for Ribbons, so that I can defeat all of the Dark Aeons, so that I can fight Penance... my God I hate it so much!

And that's just the basics. There are a lot of other smaller things required, and several of these steps take quite a while (getting ten of each monster takes about ten hours alone). It's all just padding so that the game seems longer, and all you accomplish is the ability to last more than a single turn against the super-bosses in the game (the Dark Aeons and Penance). It's really cheap, and not really fun, because most of your time is spent doing monotonous preparation for the actual challenges. Just... no. It's in such stark contrast to the rest of the game too, which has really fluid and natural progression. At least I'll have tons more fun with the epic Monster Creator in X-2 HD. It's like Pokemon with Final Fantasy monsters!


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  • Playing: GTA V, FFX HD, Minecraft
  • Eating: Fresh air
  • Drinking: Sunlight


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